We back founders and technologies that disrupt the flow of inertia

Who We Are

Inertia Ventures is an early stage venture capital firm supporting world-class entrepreneurs building at the intersection of Real Estate, Finance, and Technology.

We are accelerating the growth trajectory of emerging technologies that disrupt the flow of inertia

Our Platform

Strategic LP Base

  Curated group of real estate family offices and institutions with vested interest in actively accessing new technology solutions

•  The scale of real estate properties owned and managed by Inertia’s Limited Partners represents a substantial opportunity for our portfolio companies

Operational Support

  Here to provide hands-on support when needed, leveraging our team’s real estate and operational experience

  Proven success accelerating portfolio company growth advising on go-to-market strategy, customer introductions, talent acquisition, fundraising, and more

Founder Alignment

•  Successfully scaling a start-up is hard work – something the former founders and operators on our team can relate to

• A key criteria in our investment process is evaluating how we can add value for a potential portfolio company. You won’t find any passive “spray-and-pray” investments here

Portfolio Companies

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